Essential Oaxacan Cuisine Terms


Cecina Enchilada: Intensely flavorful and thinly cut pork. Seasoned with spices, the entire dining room knows when we grill to order.


Tasajo: Getting its name from the strips of thinly cut beef, Tasajo is salted and slightly dehydrated. Tasajo is distinctly an Oaxacan cut of beef sought for its bold flavor. Not to be confused with Carne Asada.


Asiento de Puerco: A pork product that originates in the culinary fusion between the Spanish and the Indigenous. Imagine the morsels of pork that settle to the bottom of a frying pan that become brown and slightly burnt. This is Asiento de Puerco and it adds a bold flavor base to Oaxacan cuisine. At El Tule, our Tlayudas and Memelas come with Asiento de Puerco.